The Beauty Junkee 6th Anniversarry Mega Thanksgiving Giveaway


Hola! Never get  more excited with Promotions and Freebies!
I have been following Beauty Junkee ever since i have known SampleroomPH. That was 2 years ago.
I came to check out first all beauty bloggers through their instagram accounts.
Then i came to each of their profile/ blogspot. I am also a blogger wanna be. And i don’t normally post
since i have limited time since i’m working and i am not always online. But that should not be an excused.
That’s another story. I am here to promote Ms. Beauty Junkee blog.

From the blog name itself, you will know what her blogs is all about. Beauty is defined as a characteristic of a person, animal, place, object, or idea that provides a perceptual experience of pleasure or satisfaction. Junkee on the other hand is an addict!
I really love her blog. It tells me on what products to use. At first i am the kind of girl who thinks i am pretty and did not
need make up and all. But i guess wrong. That should be a must. Also on how to take care of once skin and face.
Before, i admit i do not use lotion when i was a teen and even sunblock. I just got conscious on how to take care of my skin when i  turned 28. (Oldies Alert!) That’s why i am so thankful i come to see blogs of these incredible people, including Ms. Martha’s Beauty Junkee
(sipsip ba?) But honestly, i am an avid fan. I wanted to know how to highlight my beauty. i am shy on commenting but i
like almost all her post on Facebook. i read, browse on where i think i can adapt to myself. I have been using Mary Kay/  Burts Bee and some of the products she included in her giveaway so i guess i can consider myself as a Kikay already. 🙂

Anyways, Please support her on  her anniversary month. I am also blogging here to join her contest! Yipee. Guys . This is a
huge giveaway i tell you. I won once in her Daylong Promo and the package are huge. I will be the luckiest girl if i win again.
I really want the Vivere Salon hair color and her Happy Skin/Maybeline/Etude. Ahh! So many. Cant choose! haha.  Cant wait to try those. (Assuming Mode) My colleagues are excited for this also. They got more consious on their skin also when i brag about my daylong while we were in Summer in Punta Fuego. They only use sunblock during swimming. Infinite Thanks again Beauty Junkee!

Here’s a link of her post. You may follow these simple steps on how to win. Goodluck Ladies!

1. Like THE BEAUTY JUNKEE on Facebook

2. Follow THE BEAUTY JUNKEE on Twitter

3. Please like the Facebook Fan Pages and Follow the Twitter accounts of the sponsoring brands. It will just take 5 minutes as

I’ve condensed the accounts of all the sponsoring brands in this Rafflecopter widget already so no need to search for their

accounts separately! 🙂

Rafflecopter changed something in their FB mechanics so please just click the VISIT US tab and like the brands on Facebook.

4. Announce this contest on your Facebook walls publicly, tag my fan page and five of your Facebook friends, and include a link

to this post: Happy 6th Anniversary @The Beauty Junkee ! Join and win P200,000.00++ worth of prizes! @Friend 1 @Friend 2 @Friend

3 @Friend 3 @Friend 4 @Friend 5 (link to this post)
*Please make sure you tag me in your post so I can monitor your entries. Don’t forget to tag me and three friends, and include a

link to this post!
*To shorten links, please go to

5. Tweet this, tag me and one friend on Twitter, and include a link to this post: Happy 6th @TheBeautyJunkee Join and win 200k++

worth of prizes! @YourTwitterFriend @YourTwitterFriend2 (link to this post)
*Please make sure you mention me in your Tweet so I can monitor your entries. Don’t forget to tag me and one friend, and include

a link to this post!
*To shorten links, please go to

4. For Bloggers: Blog about this contest. It doesn’t have to be too long-just include a link to this contest and that’s it!

5. Answer this question: What’s your most favorite post by The Beauty Junkee and why?
*Answers don’t have to be too long, but please, answer with sincerity. Also, let’s be more specific by citing a particular

post-not just mentioning general topics like EOTDS, FOTDS, Product Reviews, etc. This will help me improve my write- ups in the

future! 🙂

Thanks Again Beauty Junkee for this once in a lifetime experience!


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