Enter to Win 1 of 4 Instax Mini 8 Cameras!


Ive been seeing my friends joining this promo, been seing a lot on my newsfeed but i ignore it and didnt bother to see the site. i thought its just a simple camera. But today when i see the site Hola! its so fab and the description of Lil Whims really excites me to have this. The promo already been up for a month and did not bother to join. Sadness. But there still this week. So here am i joining now. The pink one is the one last. Hope i can win this so this will match my Pink Iphone 5c. Please. FTW! This is my first post on my site and hope Lil Whims will not fail me. But if i will not win, its ok theres still next time. Just expressing how much i want this.

To join, please see  link  below. Be careful though on tweet button since the user @ is incorrect. You dont wanna miss the fun and this fab item! Wohooo….

Enter to Win 1 of 4 Instax Mini 8 Cameras! http://www.lilwhims.com/giveaway/




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